Transform Your Teaching:
Use Twitter to Develop a Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Many educators use Twitter to create a Personal Learning Network (PLN) that affords them fruitful collaborations and exchanges of resources with other teachers. In this session, you will learn best practices and strategies for developing your own PLN on Twitter.

Educators with a robust, online PLN tap into support and resources on a scale that is not possible in traditional, face-to-face professional development opportunities. At the same time, teachers with an online-based PLN learn skills for using the network that they can share with their students, enabling them to take ownership of their own life-long learning process.

Twitter Handout #FordhamDLC
Twitter Handout
PLN Map and Hashtag Bracketology Handout
The Conversation Prism

This slidedeck was used during a talk given 7/12/16 at Fordham Lincoln Center

Previous Slidedecks and Video

This slidedeck was used during a talk given 2/11/16 at Fordham Lincoln Center

This is a video of the talk given 2/26/16 at Fordham Lincoln Center

This is a video of the talk given at Campus Technology Conference in Boston July 2015

Personal Learning Network (PLN): Twitter
Personal Learning Networks (video) by @willrich45 [video]
Twitter is My Big Table (video) by @kristen [video]
Why Twitter (video) via @bradmcurrie [video]
3 Ways to Expand Your PLN This Summer by @teacherjencarey

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Why Educators are Tweeting (and you should too!)

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About the Presenter

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Kristen Treglia is a Senior Instructional Technologist at Fordham University. She develops technology resources for faculty and teaches best practices for technology-based teaching methods and materials. She also has ten years’ experience teaching secondary mathematics and is well versed in social media and Web 2.0 technologies. |